Efficient cleaning with high pressure – everywhere!

With the mobile IBC high pressure cleaner you need neither a water- nor a power supply for full capacity. The professional high pressure cleaner with 230 bar is ready to use within a moment, without time consuming set up and dismantling.

Cleaning big areas? No problem – due to its 1000 l water tank and 20 m hose, the IBC high pressure cleaner is flexible usable. Included is a dirt cutter as well as a water filter for the safety of the high pressure unit.


The IBC high pressure cleaner in action

Efficient usage in agriculture

The IBC high pressure cleaner in action

Visit our YouTube channel and see for yourself the versatile applications of the IBC high-pressure cleaner.


At a glance

Crane towing brackets

For easy lifting of the IBC high pressure cleaner with sling chains

Forklift mount

Highest flexibility – For forklift operation

No extension cables

The petrol engine enables complete independence of electricity

Dirt cutter & flat jet nozzle included

Achieve a up to 10 times higher cleaning efficiency with the rotating nozzle of the dirt cutter

Ready to use

No time consuming assembly or set up – just power up and get started

1000 l water tank

No water supply need – the IBC high pressure cleaner carries ist own water

230 bar

Prepared for practically any challenge, you will always achieve best cleaning results

Professional high pressure cleaner

At a maximum independence, the IBC high pressure cleaner offers professional peak performance, you will be thrilled of.

No algal

The IBC tank is made of a special UV-opaque material, preventing algae formation

Technical specifications

Everything you need to know

  • Engine: Vanguard 25V000 Briggs & Stratton
  • Operating pressure: 230 bar
  • Maximum pressure: 260 bar
  • Water flow rate: 16 l/min | 960 l/h
  • Maximum supply temperature: 60 °C
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Noise pressure level: 89,4 dB(A)
  • Noise power level: 103 dB(A)
  • Annotation of noise pressure level EN60704-1
  • Annotation of noise power level EN60704-1
  • Length 1850 mm
  • Width/depth 1040 mm
  • Height 1500 mm
  • Weight approx. empty: 275 kg; total: 1300 kg
  • High pressure gun with quick change system
  • Curved lance with dirt cutter
  • Curved lance with flat jet nozzle
  • 20 m hose reel (available with up to 120 m)
  • 20 l fuel can with tank nozzle
  • IBC tank with UV protection
  • Hot-dip galvanised base frame (optional coated in individual RAL paint)
  • Material cylinder head: brass
  • Material piston head: ceramic
  • High pressure hose reinforcement with stainless steel
  • High pressure hose length: 20 m

Equipment and special accessories

Here’s a small selection of our accessories.
You need something else? Get in touch with us.


Tool: foam nozzle


Hose cart
80 m hose


Tool: wall cleaner
for telescopic lances


Tool: floor cleaner big wheel


Tool: pipe cleaner
30 m


IBC water /
sandblasting tool


Tool: adjustable


IBC fire brigade tool / IBC dust binding
tool with spray and full jet


Tool: water /
sludge extractor

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